Stormfinder web application is designed for users who are looking for information about thunderstorm days in certain geographic area and selected time period. Application is very useful when we are looking for days when thunderstorm with lightnings were present in area we are interested in. 

Stormfinderreport contains information about storm days when lightning was detected. One report contains information about storm days in 4,5 km area from our location in 15 days period. Cost of the report in 50 € + VAT. 

Stormfinder report ordering:

  1. Insert personal data (if you are ordering the report for comapny plese add company VAT number).

  2. Choose time period for Stormfinder report.

  3. Insert location for Stormfinder report (addess or GPS coordinates)

  4. Order your report.   

  • Time period: Maximum 15 days.
  • Area size: 4,5 km from location.
  • Price: 50 € + VAT.

Ordering Stormfinder report

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