CompositeDisplay service serve users rainfall information and lightning strikes on the area of Slovenia in the real time. User can monitor current status of atmospheric discharges and rainfall. Application enables animation mode, which can be used for storm movements monitoring and prediction the storm location in the future.

Information’s are useful for operational management of transmission and distributions power systems, mountain rescue service, mobile operators and air traffic controllers. Due to its simplicity, the service is also suitable for all other users.


Geographical basis used in CompositeDisplay is map of Slovenia. On that map is shown rainfall data in mm/h refreshed every 10 minutes by Slovenian meteorology angency (ARSO). Lightning strikes data are shown in real time and aer colored from yelow to red, depend on lightning strike hit time.

Data are shown in two different ways: 

Statit: lightning strikes of last 1.5, 3 or 6 hours and rainfall data of last 10 minutes are shown on map.

Animation: Lightning stikes and rainfall data for some period of time are shown. Users sees animation of rainfal and lightning strikes for last 6 hours or less.