SKAT is an application for calculation of the risk for the lightning strike according to the SIST EN 62305-2 standard. The purpose of this standard is to define a procedure for the assessment of risks from lightning strike. With the help of that application,you can calculate the risks according to the standard with actual lightning density and protective measures. The process allow you to select the appropriate security measures, that need to be taken to reduce the risks below to the acceptable standard limit.

The application is devoted to the designers of the lightning and surge protection systems for all types of buildings, which need to achive  the maximum level of risk due to lightnings. Calculation of risk is interactive. The input daata for the density of the lightnings is taken from the high resolution map of lightning density, which is calculated in the context of SCALAR system.

How to use:

Specify the location of the object with Gauss-Krueger or GPS coordinates or determine the house number. SKAT application preform query about lightning density from the high resolution base of lightning density that is provide by SCALAR system. The base of lightnin

Aplikacija SKAT izvede poizvedbo o gostoti strel v visoko resolucijski bazi gostote strel sistema SCALAR, ki se izračunava na podlagi baze vseh lociranih strel na področju Republike Slovenije po postopku upoštevanja elips napak. Zagotovljena je ločljivost 100 x 100 m.

All other input parameters (dimensions of the buildings; type, lenght and height of energy and telecomunication supply, purpose of the building, ... ) you set by simple input or by choosing the desire value.

After you put in all desire parameters, you preform the calculation that show you if all requested parameters are correspond for standard limit. If all requested parameters do not fit into the standard, you need to make corrections in the form of improvement of protective measures until the calculated risk is not appropriate with the requirements ofSIST EN 62305 standard.

The results of calculation can be saved in PDF or you can print it directly to the project documentation.