Since 1997 there are more than 10 million lightning data in the area of Slovenia. Flashfinder shows the position of lightning strike in specific period of time for the area of interest.


Flashfinderweb application is designed for users who are looking for detailed information about atmospheric discharges on selected geographic location and in selected time period. Application is very useful for insurance companies when they investigate eligibility of indemnification claim caused by lightning strike. 

Flashfinder report can also be made by demand. Report includes one location and three days time period in a row. As a results are lightning strikes data in the area of 4,5 km arround selected location. The price for one report is 50 € + VAT. If report for more than three days is needed, more Flashfinder reports is combined. If you are intersted in ordering Flashfinder report please fulfil the form below. 

Flashfinder report ordering:

  1. Insert personal data (if you are ordering the report for comapny plese add company VAT number).     
  2. Choose time period for Flashfinder report.     
  3. Insert location for Flashfinder report (addess or GPS coordinates)    
  4.  Order your report.          

  • Time period: Maximum 3 days.    
  • Area size: 4,5 km from location.     
  • Price: 50 € + VAT.

Ordering Flashfinder report

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